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Your Money Still Matters

You have spent decades planning for retirement. Now that you have reached that phase in your life, what happens next? We can help you take your next best steps.

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement doesn’t mean that your income stops, but your income sources may change.

Many retirees continue to have income sources. Some may work part-time or do consulting work. Some may have income from investments, dividends, royalties, or rental incomes. Others may be receiving income from annuities or pensions.

Your income changes during retirement, but it is still very important to manage it and plan for it carefully. With so many different ways to earn income after retirement, you need a financial professional that will take the time to get to know you personally. Our team has the retirement income-planning knowledge, skills, and experience to help manage this critical area of retirement planning.

Estate Planning

As you enter retirement, it is important to consider what will happen to your estate when you are gone. Proper estate planning allows you to specify your wishes today for what will happen in the future.

Clear Communication

Estate planning allows you to make your wishes clearly known so that there is no confusion about what you want to happen with your estate.

Ease Burdens

Estate planning can reduce legal and financial burdens on your heirs. It may reduce tax and debt burdens on your future estate.

We work collaboratively with your other professional advisors to create an estate plan that meets your individual needs and desires.

Long-Term Care Costs

Long-Term Care Costs

Many individuals may need long-term care at some point in their lives, which can be very expensive. We can help you plan for long-term care costs so that there will not be an excessive burden to you and your family members.

  • Financial planning can help to cover some long-term care costs from your retirement account.
  • Long-term care insurance may be an option to help with some long-term care costs.
  • Other insurance and financial solutions may be used to address long-term care costs. We can help you understand your options.

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